Pie Menu

Evolve your workflow with a radial menu customized for your active app

Speed up all your favorite programs

Whether you're in Figma, Slack or Things, you'll be able to access your most used shortcuts by only remembering one command.

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One of the best inventions for Macs so far.Customizable shortcuts which can be triggered around the mouse coursor make my life so much easier. Must have for all Mac users!

Gabriel Stephan

It is growing on me as I figure out how to get more apps to work with it!

Robin Mair

Pie-menu is a clever way to access menu shortcuts for those of us who can’t remember a miriad of shortcuts.


Great app concept and very useful!

Orm Fam

Nice idea


Omg man, i’m not gonna lie… This is it!

Abdullah Yazbahar

I was dreamin of it

Pierre Chaffanjon

I quite like it! I'm not great at remembering shortcuts so this is quite handy, especially for apps that I use less frequently


Watch Pie Menu in action

Infinitely customizable for every app!
Use your favorite shortcut to open Pie Menu!
Use the power of Apples SF Symbols, or bring your own (coming soon)!

Save 64 hours annually!

Studies show using a mouse instead of keyboard shortcuts wastes 2 seconds per minute. Pie Menu saves the same time without remembering new shortcuts.


Add Shortcuts you didn't know existed!

Find all the shortcuts in our Shortcut-rolodex and add them to Pie Menu with a click!

Pie Menu

Get started with Pie Menu today.

The convenience of shortcuts without the memorization!

Are you a shortcut illiterate like me?

You accept that shortcuts will make you more effective, but you can't remember them or mix up the shortcuts from other programs.

Shortcuts deserves some love. A rethink.

With Pie Menu, I've done just that. I've distilled shortcuts until they couldn't be more simple.

How is that possible? Well, you only have to remember one special shortcut for all of your programs. The best part is that you can pick your own favorite combination!

When you trigger your perfect shortcut, a menu opens around your cursor. Your favorite shortcuts for that app are available like a menu of pies around your mouse. Try it out now by holding ⇧ + z.

Are you using another program? Same shortcut to open the menu, different shortcuts to choose from!

What are you waiting for?
Download Pie Menu and start saving time immediately.

Marius Hauken
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Marius Hauken
Creator of Pie Menu