Adding shortcuts

You can add shortcuts to Pie Menu three ways:

1. Adding shortcuts manually

  1. Open up Pie Menu
  2. Click + in the bottom left corner and select the app you want to add
  3. Click on the first block in list to record your keyboard combination you want to trigger.
  4. Give it a name in the next column
  5. Give it an icon in the next column
  6. If you want to add more icons click + in the bottom left corner of the app view.

2. Adding shortcuts from

  1. Go to
  2. Find the app you want to add shortcuts for (use cmd + k to search)
  3. Find the shortcut you want to add (you can also use cmd + k to search here)
  4. Hover over the line and Click "Add to Pie Menu"
  5. Pie Menu should now open with the shortcut added.

3. Adding shortcuts from apps without pre-defined shortcuts

This only works if there is no pre-defined shortcuts for this app in Pie Menu:

  1. Make the app you want to add shortcuts to active
  2. Trigger Pie Menu with your keyboard shortcut
  3. Hover over one of the question-marks that appears and release the shortcut
  4. Your app is now added to Pie Menu and you can configure the shortcuts to show

Still having trouble? See our general help section or reach out.