This is the public roadmap for Pie Menu at the moment.
You can vote for features to help us prioritize.

  • New mode: One click to trigger Pie Menu
    Close Pie Menu when you click esc or outside. So that you can trigger Pie Menu from a mouse button or similar.
  • Fix bug where apps in subfolders won't work
    App Store
  • Add pay-once use forever
    App Store
  • Support for multiple languages
    Priority: Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German & French.
  • Ability to add own icons
    Not only sf-icons, but also svgs
  • Theming options
    Other colors and text preferences
  • Export and import shortcuts for a specific app
    to share with others
  • Ability to trigger elements from the menu in the current app
    I.e. not just triggering keyboard shortcuts
  • Search for apps
    In settings
  • Search for shortcuts in apps
    Search from all the shortcuts on the website inside settings.
  • Show numbering (1,2,3) that can trigger the shortcut.
    Only on trigger when releasing shortcut

Under consideration

  • Submenus
    Support for submenus - one pie can open a new pie
  • Multiple keyboard shortcuts
    Ability to trigger multiple different pie menus per app (with different shortcuts)
  • iCloud sync between devices
    so the setup is the same on all devices
  • Global shortcut
    Showing same menu no matter which app is open and able to launch apps and shortcuts

✅ Done


Do you have any additional suggestions or wishes? Mail us at