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The pricing might vary based on your App Store region.

One-time payment

We are also working on a one-time payment solution as well, but it was more important to get the current version out and get feedback from our users!

Why we chose a subscription model

As you may have noticed, Pie Menu is priced using a subscription model, with options for monthly or annual payments. We wanted to provide some context around this decision, as we know that some users prefer a one-time payment for their applications.

One week free trial

One benefit of a subscription model is that it allows us to offer a one-week free trial to new users. This means that you can take your time to try out Pie Menu and evaluate whether it's the right tool for you without any commitments. If we had opted for a one-time payment model, users would not have been able to preview the app before using it, since we are exclusively offering the app via the Mac App Store.

Limited version

Another benefit of a subscription model is that we are able to offer a free version of Pie Menu with a limited set of features. You can use the free version to manage up to 10 shortcuts per day. If you find that you're using Pie Menu more than this, you may see the value in upgrading to the full version.

More affordable

A subscription model also provides a more affordable option for users. Instead of a large one-time payment, you can pay a smaller monthly or annual fee to have full access to all of Pie Menu's features. This is especially helpful for users who may not have the budget for a one-time payment.

Invest in ongoing development

But first and foremost, we chose a subscription model to be able to invest in Pie Menu's ongoing development, including new features and bugfixes. The steady cash flow generated from this approach enables us to keep enhancing Pie Menu.

We understand that the subscription model may not be everyone's preferred choice, but we have chosen it to ensure that we can provide reliable support and continue to develop Pie Menu. If you have any concerns or questions about our pricing or subscription model, please don't hesitate to contact our support team!