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Pie Menu is a Mac application that introduces a revolutionary way to save time across all your apps. This application places a radial menu around your mouse cursor, tailored specifically for the currently active app. Opening your customized pie menu is as simple as activating a personal shortcut. Everything you need is a single shortcut away, all configurable to your needs.

Who is it for?

Pie Menu is an essential complement to macOS. Using your spatial memory, you can work even faster to navigate or switch app tools. It is a lifesaver for those who often shuffle between various apps and programs, struggle to remember dedicated shortcuts, or often mix up shortcuts from different platforms.

How does it work?

Upon triggering your chosen shortcut, a convenient menu opens around your cursor. This menu, which changes based on the active application, presents your preferred shortcuts, similar to a pie chart surrounding the mouse. Toggle between different programs, and the same trigger reveals other shortcuts.


  • Radial menu personalized according to your active app
  • Customizable trigger shortcut for convenience
  • Freedom to choose your icons and shortcuts per app
  • Access to our shortcut rolodex for easy shortcut additions


Pie Menu's conception arose from Marius Hauken's exploration of different design patterns for a project. He noticed the underutilization of radial menus despite their popularity among users. Although initially devised as an app launcher, Pie Menu's development shifted focus towards enhancing each app's functionality.


Pie Menu is distributed through the app store. Pie Menu is available through a subscription to allow users to trial the app before buying. After the trial period, you can access Pie Menu 10 times daily for free. More on the thoughts behind pricing.

  • One-week free trial
  • $ 3.9 per month
  • $ 29 per year