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ClickUp is a project management and collaboration tool that offers features such as task tracking, calendars, and integrations with other apps. Download ClickUp

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Mac keyboard shortcuts for ClickUp

Dashboard Navigation

Jump to Calendar Viewc Add to Pie Menu
Jump to Box Viewx Add to Pie Menu
Jump to Board Viewb Add to Pie Menu
Jump to List Viewl Add to Pie Menu
Close any task or windowesc Add to Pie Menu
Open searchs Add to Pie Menu
Reload notificationsspace Add to Pie Menu
Homeh Add to Pie Menu
Notificationsn Add to Pie Menu
Dashboardsd Add to Pie Menu


Open Notepadp Add to Pie Menu
Create taskt Add to Pie Menu
While creating task: Copy URL3 Add to Pie Menu
While creating task: Move to tray2 Add to Pie Menu
While creating task: Open1 Add to Pie Menu
Move to next task (control) +  (shift) +  Add to Pie Menu
Show/hide sidebarq Add to Pie Menu
Anchor a link when text is selected (command) + k Add to Pie Menu
Use emoji picker: Add to Pie Menu
Clear filters from current view- Add to Pie Menu
Edit most recent comment Add to Pie Menu
Assign current task to yourselfm Add to Pie Menu
Mention a doc@@@ Add to Pie Menu
Mention a task@@ Add to Pie Menu
Tag a user@ Add to Pie Menu
Command Center (command) + k Add to Pie Menu

Slash Commands

Yellow background + /y
Green background + /g
Red background + /r
Strikethrough + /st
Italic + /it
Bold + /bo
Bulleted List + /bul
Numeric list + /num
Link + /k
Code block + /co
Quote + /q
Inline Code + /in
Divider + /div
Checklist + /check
Heading 3 + /h3
Heading 2 + /h2
Heading 1 + /h1
_Normal text + /n
Insert a Table view + /tview
Insert a List view + /lview
Add a GIF + /GIPHY
Embed a Miro board + /miro
Embed a new Doc in a task description + /@@@
Loom + /loom
Figma + /figma
Vimeo + /vimeo
YouTube + /youtube
OneDrive/Sharepoint file + /onedrive
CloudApp + /cloudapp
Embed + /em
Dropbox file + /dropbox
Google Sheets + /gsheets
Google Docs + /gdoc
Google Slides + /gslide
Google Drive file + /gdrive
Attachment + /attach
Apply a task or doc template + /temp
Create a subpage in Docs + /subpage
Create a page in Docs + /page
Table of contents + /tc
Build a table + /table
Tags + /t
Close task + /close
Start date + /sd
Time estimate + /est
Add to inbox + /inbox
Due date to "today" + /today
Change task position + /pos
Sprint Points + /pts
Mention a user + /@
Mention a task + /@@
Add a subtask + /-
Add blocking dependencies + /b
Add waiting or blocking dependencies + /o
Change task status + /s
Apply or change due dates + /d
Set priorities + /p
Add watchers + /w
Assign to me + /me
Assign Comments + /ac
Assign tasks + /a
Move Lists + /m
Access turn into menu + /tu
Create subtasks while in a task + /-
Close a task + /closed
Assign a task to yourself + /me
Start to input a Slash command + /


Adds a dividing line into task description + ---
Start code block + ```
Surround with for inline code + `
Starts long quote formatting + >
Creates a simple checkbox in task description + [ ]
Starts a numbered list in task description + 1.
Starts a bulleted list in task description + -
Surround with for text with a line through it + ~
Surround with for italicized text + _
Surround with for bold text + *
Surround with for h1 text + #


Quick create a new task (command) + e Add to Pie Menu


Duplicate a text block (command) + d Add to Pie Menu
Highlight a text block (shift) +  (command) + h Add to Pie Menu
Create a task from your selected text (option) +  (command) + t Add to Pie Menu
Create a comment from your selected text (shift) +  (command) + m Add to Pie Menu
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